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VoyagerPro Universal 2-Kayak Roof Rack System - Stealth Black Edition

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Embark on your aquatic adventures with confidence and style with Immortal Group's specialized water racks. Whether you're a seasoned kayaker, a paddleboarding enthusiast, or enjoy the tranquility of canoeing, our premium water racks are your go-to solution for transporting your gear with ease. Crafted with rugged construction and equipped with adjustable straps, our racks ensure that your equipment stays securely in place throughout your journey. Say goodbye to worries about your gear shifting or falling during transit—our water racks provide peace of mind so you can focus on making the most of your time on the water. 

Designed for convenience and durability, Immortal Group's water racks are the perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast. With our sleek and innovative design, you'll turn heads as you hit the road to your favorite water spots. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a spontaneous adventure, trust Immortal Group to elevate your water sports experience. Say hello to hassle-free transportation and endless aquatic fun with Immortal Group's specialized water racks by your side.

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Product Details
  • Reliable racks for safe kayak hauling on your vehicle's roof.
  • Quick installation for more time on the water.
  • Compatible with most car models.
  • Strong materials for lasting use.
  • Protects kayak surface and prevents slipping.
  • Adjustable with secure buckles for stable transport.
  • Aerodynamic shape reduces noise and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Foldable and removable for convenient storage.
  • Carries multiple kayaks for family or friends.

Package Weight: 7.3 lb / 3.31 kg

Common Questions

Are the Deluxe Kayak Roof Racks suitable for different kayak sizes and styles?

Yes, the Deluxe Kayak Roof Racks are designed to accommodate various kayak sizes and styles. Their adjustable and versatile design ensures a secure fit for different types of kayaks, providing a reliable solution for transporting your gear.

How do I install the Deluxe Kayak Roof Racks on my vehicle?

Installing the Deluxe Kayak Roof Racks is straightforward. They come with detailed instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware, making the installation process hassle-free. With a few simple steps, you can securely attach the racks to your vehicle's roof, ensuring a safe journey with your kayaks.

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